SFT Climbing is taking beta orders for custom shoes.

We’re currently taking a limited number of orders from climbers local to the San Francisco Bay Area. 

If you’ve been patiently waiting for the opportunity to get some SFT custom shoes, we’re excited to finally invite you into our community of beta climbers!

Help us perfect our last algorithm by ordering a pair of custom shoes. Every climber who helps us now improves the speed and flexibility of our algorithm, but for that, we need you to be ready to give us feedback throughout the shoemaking and fitting process.

In gratitude for your help, beta custom shoes are $300 per pair and guaranteed to fit – we’ll work with you until you’re happy at no extra charge (learning your preferences and performance needs is how our algorithm improves).

For those of you who are living the dirtbag lifestyle or otherwise not sure if you can commit to submitting feedback, we plan to offer custom shoe orders with turn-around times of about a week for $400 at the end of June. For updates on availability, subscribe to our mailing list.

If you’re interested now, thanks a ton! You can place your order by emailing beta@sftclimbing.com.


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