Draft logo

Any thoughts on this logo for SFT? Let me know in the comments what it connotes.


Additionally, here are some snapshots of rejected concepts as well as the evolution of this mark:



14 thoughts on “Draft logo

  1. I like it! It’s definitely striking, and at the stage where my comments should be taken with a big grain of salt.

    But…if it were me maybe I’d make the lines more contiguous, or go back to a more calligraphic look — some of the drawings have this really nice feeling of compression / look like a path up a mountain [1] or playfulness [2] that’s lessened with all the thick right angles.

    [1] second picture from the left, bottom right corner
    [2] fourth picture from the left, bottom right corner

    • Thanks for the notes, Ned. I hadn’t made the connection between stiffness (used here as the opposite of playfulness) and rigidly consistent lineweight before. I’ll definitely have to revisit [1]. I initially moved away from that one because I wanted to balance interpretation of the logo as an “S” “F” “T” and as a set of mountains.

      • +1 to Edward’s feedback about [1]. I am also drawn to that set of designs, as the are more evocative of a mountain. With the above design, I needed to think for a minute to understand the mountain connection, which implies that I would have missed it if I took a quick glance as a consumer.

        That said, I am very intrigued by the concept of weaving a repeating logo motif into the webbing.

  2. Hi Laura, I saw your post on the Upstart FB page and clicked through. I see a check mark on the left, and I’m not sure what’s going on on the right. Sorry, I know that’s not what you wanted to hear but that’s my unfiltered first reaction!

    • No need to apologize! I was aiming for a set of mountains that could also be read as the letters “S” “F” and “T.” But since that’s not jumping out yet, maybe I’ll need to try something like adding snow details to the peaks.

  3. I like it. In particular, the ability to link it into a repeating border detail (top of pg 4). Nice way to put the logo into a product. Nearly subliminal. Only thing I would look at is the colors. Saturation or vibrancy?

  4. I like the bold feel, the splash of yellow and the cleanliness. I also think the T is hard to recognize – perhaps more emphasis on the cross in the T? Perhaps a bit bigger radius in the tail of the T (and in the S, to match)?

    Don’t mean to be negative, but when I first saw the last image (sft sft sft), it had a very strong resemblance to razor wire for me – and was a instant turn off. Fortunately, the more finished gray/yellow logo does not resemble those things, due to lots of small accumulative changes – very subtle things can dramatically affect what imagery occurs in people’s minds.

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