Work update

Mak testing the edging power of a prototype on the “boulder” in the front yard. “Look, no hands!”

This week has seen more prototype testing, pattern-making to build our design from raw materials (a step up from modifying old shoes), and our Vine entry to Upstart’s video contest. Thanks to everyone who has supported our video so far!

Since we’ve been able to cut down the time to sew a prototype from about 10 hours to 5 with our sewing machine, there has been a flurry of new shoes; my current favorite is the “Vomit Comet”… named for its color.

The “Vomit Comet” offers more smearing area than anything we have but our old 5.10 lace-up Coyotes, and it edges as well as Mak’s Miuras. The down-side: it’s hard to tell if you’ve tightened it down too far until you get your feet on the rock. I guess there are worse problems to have than a prototype working too well…


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